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Dr. DamonAre you seeking a trusted, experienced dentist in the Fort Worth area? Texas Denture Clinic, serving Fort Worth, Arlington, Azle, Weatherford, Granbury, and surrounding communities, offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, in addition to complex restorative and surgical procedures, like implants.

The dental surgery team at Texas Denture Clinic in Fort Worth provides a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry treatments and focuses in complex restorative and surgical procedures. Our expert team, led by Dr. Clark Damon, offers implant placement and restoration, in-house fabrication of implant crowns, All on Four prosthesis, implant dentures, conventional dentures, and partials, IV Sedation, cosmetic rejuvenation with veneers, and other treatments for patients of all ages. To learn more, schedule a consultation at our practice today. 

The Practice

Texas Denture Clinic was started by Dr. Stewart in the late 1980’s and has been known as the premier location for denture surgery, denture fabrication, and denture repair. Dr. Stewart is no longer a part of the practice, however under Dr. Damon’s lead we continue to embrace his legacy and offer the same standard of care.

Under Dr. Damon’s direction we are expanding our services and focus towards implant and cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers and bonding. These new modalities are offering our patients a better quality of life. We are focusing towards complete General Dentistry services for all patients. With the addition of Dr. Kari Blankenship, she continues to help grow the practice and work with Dr. Damon treating our patients. We are also focusing on Sleep Medicine - providing oral appliances to treat patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who may not have success with the CPAP or BiPAP devices.

Conveniently located in Downtown Fort Worth, we can execute complex dental surgeries that other dentists refer out, such as bone grafting, implant placement, and wisdom tooth removal, as well as IV Sedation for dental-phobic patients. The safety and comfort of our patients is our number-one concern, and we are happy to offer unique services including after-hours emergency dentistry, laser dentistry, 3-D CT Imaging, and same-day denture repair.

We encourage our patients' involvement in their personal dental health, educating each patient and answering questions and concerns. By consulting closely with Dr. Damon, patients grow confident in their dental care plans and can better maintain their oral health in between dental visits.

Unique Dental Office

Since our opening in 1980, we have had the unique ability and focus of what many other dentists shy away from: Dentures. Texas Denture Clinic has become known as Fort Worth's go-to destination for denture care. Because of both Dr. Damon's and Dr. Blankenship's advanced training: an additional year spent in a General Practice Residency at the Michael E DeBakey VA, we can easily manage complex dental issues and patients with complex medical problems.

Additionally, we see many patients who suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, and those who need to undergo serious dental surgeries, as both doctors are certified in IV Sedation administration. Under IV sedation, patients are safely relaxed and rested while they undergo dental surgery.

Many dentists are able only to restore dental implant prostheses. Dr. Damon both surgically places dental implants and creates complementary prostheses such as implant over dentures, hybrid prosthesis, and single tooth implants. Patients who want their “teeth back” or “smile in a day” procedures may consider some of our treatments: All-on-4 implants or same-day implants.

Superior Care

Your smile is an expression of your beauty, inside and out. When the health and appearance of a smile becomes compromised, it  not only causes physical pain and distress, but can also take a toll on self-confidence. At Texas Denture Clinic, we understand the significant impact dental issues have on our patients, and we treat them with gentle, effective care.

Our friendly team and efficient, comprehensive services can help you achieve a lifetime of dental care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.