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Texas Denture Clinic

Providing Denture Repair at Our In-House Dental Lab

Broken Denture - No Problem

No matter how careful you are with your dentures, you can have an accident and break them. Unfortunately, it can happen at the most inopportune moments, leaving you with gaps or even unable to chew. You likely have extra light bulbs, a spare tire and even extra glasses, possibly even several. Chances are that you currently do not have an extra set of dentures. Do you want to be left with broken dentures and no backup? Luckily, the Texas Denture Clinic has an in house lab offering same day denture repair.

Repairing Broken Dentures

Denture repairs can take about one hour if it is simple like repairing a denture tooth, or if cracked it may take up to four hours. This is a far cry from other dentists who do not have an in house lab - there it may take days even up to a week or more!

Your dentures can break for any number of reasons, but the leading cause is time - to allow for improper fit of a denture due to bone atrophy. Dentures usually require relining every 2 years. After eight years, it is time to replace them altogether.

The Process

When we repair your dentures, we follow specific steps. Before we are able to work with them, we have to clean them and soak them in special products. When we are finished, we repeat the cleaning.

Once the dentures are clean, we take a mold or impression of the dentures. Using this, we grind down the broken areas and remold them. After, they have to be cured, trimmed and polished before the final cleaning. Then returned to you... fixed!

Quality Dental Care

Denture problems happen often, and so do the problems that lead to requiring dentures. As you age, broken, missing and damaged teeth become more common and can cause numerous health issues, including chronic pain. Make sure you are getting quality dental care regularly so you can avoid the pain and embarrassment of damaged teeth.

When it comes to buying dental care, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. That means that you are not likely to find good dental care at a cheap price. If you can afford it, it is usually best to go with the more expensive dental office. However, Texas Denture Clinic is not one of those places. We strive to give our patients the best dentures possible at the lowest possible cost. This way, it works out well for everyone. Contact us to schedule a consultation about your full or partial dentures.

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