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Cost of Dentures: Budgeting for a Restored Bite

At Texas Denture Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care and fully customized dentures that can restore your bite and your confidence in your smile. Each patient’s dentures and restorative treatment plan is unique, meaning cost varies on a case-by-case basis. Our dentures start at around $660, and are comparable in quality to dentures that cost several thousand dollars at other practices. Dr. Clark Damon can help you understand your options and the cost of dentures when you visit his Fort Worth clinic. We offer outstanding dentures, and will work with you to place the cost of your dentures comfortably within your budget. To schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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Choosing Your Dentures

Total treatment cost depends largely on the type of denture you choose. Dentures can be full (replacing an entire arch of teeth) or partial (replacing one or more consecutive teeth), traditional or implant-supported.

Implant-supported dentures function the most like natural teeth. If you choose this type of denture, one or more dental implants (small titanium posts) will be surgically placed in the jaw, replacing lost tooth roots. Once healing is complete and the post has fused with the bone, a set of dentures can be securely attached to the top of the implant. Implant-supported dentures offer unique benefits. They will not slip out of place, so you can bite into apples and steaks with complete confidence. They also stimulate the jaw, preventing the bone loss that can occur when teeth are lost.

During a consultation with Dr. Damon, you can determine which variety of dentures will best meet your needs.

A Focus on Personalized Care

Dentures are an investment. The best way to ensure satisfaction in your investment is to choose an experienced and caring doctor. Dr. Damon will discuss your concerns and expectations, and answer all your questions before giving you his recommendations. If you want opinions on how your dentures look, you can even bring a friend or family member with you when you try them in, and we will incorporate your suggestions into your permanent dentures.

Benefits of Dentures Provided by Texas Denture Clinic

All of our dentures are crafted in the USA using the highest quality durable acrylics available today. We have an in-house lab that allows us to reduce costs and pass that savings on to our patients. Dr. Damon can fix broken dentures in-office, and provides any necessary adjustments to your dentures free of charge. Dr. Damon works closely with patients to understand their needs and create dentures that can truly provide a boost in their quality of life. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that works not only for your budget, but also helps you reach your aesthetic and oral health goals.

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We are committed to providing high-quality, customized dentures to meet each patient’s needs at a fair price. For this reason, we offer financing, including a “No-credit” option. Contact Dr. Damon today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our customized, affordable dentures.

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