Who Needs Relines?

Have a patient complaining that their denture has become loose, have they lost substantial amount of weight? A lab processed reline will do the trick to reduce rocking, sliding, and rubbing.

Over time the underlying bone will and gums change as the bone atrophies; resulting in a loose fit. A new denture is not in order, but a simple reline can do the trick. By applying a fresh new layer of acrylic that now is intimately associated with the tissues, movement is reduced, suction is improved, and your patient will be once again happy.

Have you delivered an Immediate Denture? Did you know you could simply reline the denture and save the patient from having to buy another? – As long as the esthetics are good, teeth and occlusion is acceptable a reline will serve your patient well.

We can repair dentures too…

What Types of Repairs are Possible?

Repairs can be tricky, but in short, we can predictably repair a broken tooth, missing tooth, add teeth to a partial, and fix a cracked denture.

If a cracked denture is broken in more then 2 pieces, the success and predictably vastly diminishes. Our recommendation is consider a new denture if there are more then 2 denture fragments. Also, you MUST be able to get the denture to go back together exactly as it was before.

We recommend for every cracked denture to have a repair and a reline. This will prolong the life of the repair by further securing the repair.


How to make a cracked denture repair?

First, the denture MUST go back together exactly as it was before; if not the denture will never fit like it used to.

Place a small amount of superglue to secure the crack. Then take a VPS reline impression, and sent the case to us for the reline and repair.

Once in the lab, we will secure the denture in a mold, remove the superglue and process the repair and reline in denture acrylic. This will ensure that the repair will be as tough as it can be.

How to make a simple denture tooth repair?

If it is a tooth out of a denture, send the broken denture and existing denture tooth if possible, as well as either the lower denture or an opposing impression with a bite.

If you want to add a tooth to a partial, place the partial in the mouth and make a pick up impression, bite and opposing model. Pour up the impression and partial together.


Small simple repairs are needed for denture patients. You must have multiple methods to take care of your patients other then just making them purchase new dentures. Having a lab that work with you on repairs and provide them in a timely service will serve your patients well.

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