Conventional (Loose) Dentures vs. All on 4 Fixed Implant Solution By Dr. Damon on June 28, 2014

You can gain your teeth back with the All on Four treatment concept.

When it comes to weighing your options with tooth replacement, many people today are not seeking replacements with their Grandparents Dentures. No they are seeking out options to rebuild what was lost, regain the ability to speak and chew with the same ability as they had with their natural teeth.

In today's blog post, I will highlight the differences and the advantages of the All on Four permanent dental implant solution compared to traditional dentures. You can also visit our page on the All on Four as well by clicking here.

Immediate Function- have the ability to eat the night of your surgery.

The All on Four procedure, is a protocol where in one day with one surgery teeth are removed, 4 implants are placed, and (most likley) a fixed temporary bridge is placed. This surgery and restoration takes place in our office in about 3 hours. The final result is a great natural looking prosthesis, that is fixed to the implants at the time of surgery. It will be palate-less, comfortable, and secure. This will be worn for 4-6 months, then the final prosthesis is made. The final has titanium reinforcement and is meant to last a very long time.

Permanent Fixed Bridge-

This is not your grandparents denture. The all on four, is very slim, with very minimal pink acrylic. It lacks the flanges or "wings" that traditional dentures have. Because it is screwed into the implants, they hold the teeth in. The All on Four does not rock, does not move; it simply is rock solid TEETH. You do not remove the All on Four, it is retrievable by us or your dentist, but not by you. This gives you the ultimate in security and a piece of mind.

Excellent ability to chew- you will be able to generate the same force you were with natural teeth

Conventional dentures rest on the gums - which by their nature move. It is well known in the dental literature that with conventional dentures patients are only able to function at 10%; with teeth patients are able to function at 100%. Much of a difference. With implants, they provide a stable foundation for which we can build a "superstructure" - the Fixed Bridge of the All on Four concept. This arrangement of implants and prosthesis, transmit the forces the jaws generate directly to the food- translating in the ability to eat steak, ect. Much of the force is lost at the gums with conventional dentures.

Please note, in the 90 days after surgery, we ask that you maintain on a soft diet - this is the constancy of a 3 Musketeers bar. The bone around the implants during the first 3 months undergoes some changes and if overloaded, could be at risk of failure.

No need for adhesives

Denture creams and adhesives are a thing of the past when your denture is screwed in! There is absolutely no need for the goop!

Have a great natural looking smile.

The All on Four is a great procedure for you to smile about. Replacing an entire arch of teeth can allow us to uniformly create a beautiful and harmonious smile. You can feel free to smile, eat, drink, and speak knowing there is no slippage or chance for any embarrassing moment if your teeth slip or fall.

Contact us today to see how the all on four treatment concept can change your life.


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