The Connection between Root Canal Infections and Tooth Loss By Dr. Damon on July 15, 2016

Cross-section of a tooth, showing its nerves, blood vessels, and rootsNobody wants to have a root canal, right? We’re sorry, but it’s too late. You already have several root canals throughout your mouth. In fact, you need them in order to have healthy teeth. What you want to avoid are root canal infections, which would require root canal therapy. If left untreated, root canal infections will invariably lead to tooth loss and the need for more extensive restorative treatments at a later date, such as implant dentistry.

You see, a root canal is actually an anatomical structure. You have at least one in each of your teeth. The infection of a root canal is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among American adults, trailing only gum disease. Dr. Clark Damon discusses the connection between root canal infection and tooth loss during appointments at his Fort Worth, TX practice whenever he identifies root canal infections in his patients. He does this so that patients understand why they need to undergo root canal therapy so urgently. Otherwise, they will eventually lose the tooth.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as “harmless” tooth pain. Tooth pain is always an indication that something is wrong, and it often points to a root canal infection. If you are experiencing tooth pain, we strongly urge you to schedule an appointment at Texas Denture Clinic today.

How a Root Canal Infection Can Eventually Result in Tooth Loss

As stated above, each of your teeth has at least one and as many as four root canals. A root canal is basically a chamber in which dental pulp, a nutrient-rich substance comprising blood vessels and nerves, is stored. Dental pulp is essential to the health of a tooth. As long as the chamber is sealed, and the dental pulp is protected from outside elements, all is basically well with the tooth. However, if the root canal is breached, the dental pulp can easily become inflamed or infected, which can cause overwhelming pain and will eventually result in the death of the tooth. The only way to preserve the tooth is to remove the diseased pulp and disinfect and seal off the root canal.

Time is of the essence when it comes to performing root canal therapy. With each day that passes, the diseased pulp causes more and more damage to the tooth. The pulp must be removed and replaced by a filler substance. The tooth must then be covered by a natural-looking dental crown. This will protect what’s left of the natural tooth from further harm and restore the patient’s bite. With proper oral hygiene, the preserved natural tooth can remain in place for a lifetime.

However, if root canal therapy is not performed in a timely manner, it will eventually be impossible to salvage the tooth. At that point, extraction of the tooth will be the only viable option. If the patient does not seek professional treatment at all, the tooth will simply die in the mouth, rotting slowly away. This, as you might imagine, is the worst possible scenario.

Even then, it is never too late to seek out quality restorative dentistry. Dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth and return excellent oral health to even the most damaged mouths.

Learn More about Root Canal Infections and Tooth Loss

To learn more about root canal infections and tooth loss, please contact Texas Denture Clinic today.

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