Comprehensive Dental Exams

Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health With A Comprehensive Dental Exam in Fort Worth, TX

Regular teeth cleanings are an integral part of maintaining oral health. Our in-office cleanings reach areas of the teeth that patients cannot easily clean themselves.

Comprehensive Dental Exam in Forth Worth, TX

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Consistent dental examinations are an essential part of good dental health. During our comprehensive dental exams, Dr. Damon and our hygienists thoroughly explore each tooth, the gums, the temporomandibular joint, and the mouth’s overall health.

Ensuring Long-Term Oral Health with Comprehensive Dental Exams

Leaving your dental health for times when your teeth or gums hurt is unreasonable. It is far more cost-effective and health-conscious to adopt preventative measures instead of waiting until there is a problem.

Prevention includes comprehensive dental exams. At Texas Implant and Dental Center, your exams are thorough, so you can rest assured that we check everything from the tissue to the teeth. We even check the temporomandibular joint. Problems in any of these areas can compromise your dental health, and we want to make sure your mouth stays healthy and free of painful disorders.

Digital X-ray

One of the most crucial parts of a dental exam is an x-ray. Texas Implant and Dental Center will take digital x-rays of both arches. We use only the best and most modern x-ray technology, so we do not miss anything. 

Because we can analyze your x-rays with the help of a computer, the images are better than ever, and we can pick up even difficult-to-diagnose dental health issues. This, along with the physical examinations of the mouth, helps us find problems that affect all areas of the mouth, such as oral cancer. The best part is that you are under less radiation exposure when we take digital x-rays of your mouth.

Digital Photographs

We are able to do a lot with our digital x-rays, including checking structure. However, that does little to help you. That is why we offer digital dental photographs. These help our patients see any issues and help our dentists explain them to you to understand your problems and your treatment options.

Gum Exams and Charting

The overall health of your mouth is dependent on your gums. They are an excellent indicator of your oral health. Every time we give you an exam, we include a periodontal checkup. We also chart your gums. This means taking measurements of your gum pockets to see if they are big enough to cause concern or growing due to something like gingivitis.

TMJ and Bite Analysis

Your lower jaw or mandible attaches to the skull by the two temporomandibular joints on either side of your face. Problems in these joints can lead to dental problems due to pain, grinding, locking, and clenching. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms or popping sounds in the joint, talk to your Texas Implant and Dental Center dentist about it. You may require a mouth guard to keep your teeth safe from grinding and clenching or a bite adjustment to reduce pain and friction.

Tooth Exams

Of course, Texas Implant and Dental Center examinations include analysis of all of your teeth. A dentist will carefully look at every tooth to warn you of areas of concern or tell you about treatments for issues that are already there. We use all of the most modern techniques for cavity detection, meaning that you may even be able to stop the problem before it requires a filling or a root canal. Moreover, even if you cannot prevent the damage, catching it early means a smaller filling and a higher probability of keeping the tooth.

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We know that your dental examinations are what keep your mouth healthy. That is why we do each of them with care and precision. If you require treatment, we will offer you the best treatment available, administer it professionally and caringly, and help make sure it does not happen again in the future. We want you to have a natural, healthy smile, and the first step to doing that is regular checkups at our office. Call us today to schedule your comprehensive dental exam in Fort Worth.

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Dr. Damon’s vast experience in specialized dentistry & his impressionable chairside manner has given him an excellent reputation, and he is trusted by many in the Fort Worth area. 

As a specialized implant center, our experts can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. However, we offer a wide variety of dental services to cater to you and your family’s every dental need. In addition, our unique approach to patient care has allowed us to form lasting relationships for years to come. Call us today to schedule.

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