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Protect Your Smile With Dental Sealants in Fort Worth, TX

Dental sealants are an excellent way to protect your molars and premolars from cavities and decay. Save yourself future costs and time by giving your teeth extra protection now.

Dental Sealants in Fort Worth

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Dental Sealants in Fort Worth

The teeth that help us chew have deep grooves that can collect food, bacteria, and plaque if they are not properly cleaned. Sealants are composed of tooth-colored plastic applied to the biting surface of ridged teeth like premolars and molars.

FAQ: Protecting Your Teeth and Preventing Tooth Decay with Dental Sealants

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a plastic layer that is applied to the surfaces of the premolars and molars. These sealants are very good at preventing cavities and tooth wear. Sealants perform the best on the rear teeth due to the greater number of nooks and crannies that can accumulate food residue and plaque.

How Beneficial Are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant serves as a strong shield against decay and residue build-up. Therefore, it offers complete protection against damage. However, the most important factor in the quality of its performance is how effectively it adheres to your teeth. 

Furthermore, studies have found that when a sealant is applied to a tooth with mild decay, it stops the cavity from advancing. It does this by depriving the tooth-destroying bacteria of their nutrient source, which is the food you eat. A dental sealant is no longer helpful when the contact between the sealant and your tooth is damaged or compromised.

Who’s a Good Candidate For Dental Sealants in Fort Worth?

Dental sealants are ideal for children because their newly grown adult teeth are highly vulnerable to decay and get little benefit from fluoride. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even recommends that sealants be a regular part of preventative care for kids. This should also include the use of plaque removal, fluoride, healthy foods, limited sugar, and regular dental checkups. However, all people can benefit from sealants regardless of their age.

Dental sealants also help preserve tooth health. Whenever a tooth receives a filling, part of the original tooth is lost. The CDC states that traditional fillings only last between six and eight years on average and should be replaced after that period. Using sealants in conjunction with fillings saves money and time and can also help minimize discomfort caused by routine procedures.

How is Sealant Applied to Teeth?

This procedure requires that the surface of the teeth be fully cleaned. After cleaning, the teeth are carefully rinsed to ensure the cleaning agent is gone lest it interferes with the sealant application. The teeth are then dried. A substance will be applied all over the teeth that make their surface rough. This will be washed off, and the teeth will be dried again. Finally, the sealant is painted on and left to become hard.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can last between five and ten years with the proper care and maintenance of your teeth. 

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