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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Ready to get your teeth back, and start eating WHAT YOU WANT? Fear dentures? With Permanent Teeth in a Day will give you your teeth back! 

aTexas Denture Clinic and Implant Center offers All-on-4® dental implants! Our Teeth in a Day Procedure, your fast track to a restored smile.

So what makes Permanent Dental Implants All-on-4 a good option?

all-on-4 implants

Dental Implants and Fixed Teeth

With One Procedure in One Day

So why are our patients choosing Permanent Teeth in a Day Dental Implants?


Dr. Clark Damon has spent the last Decade Performing the Same Day Dental Implant Procedure for thousands of patients across DFW. We have given smiles back to so many patients who lost their smile due to loose, missing, or just bad teeth. Your bite will be restored, ability to speak freely, eat what ever foods you wish, and gain the confidence you had. Our patients also look years younger and better even then when they had teeth.
new teeth with all on four dental implants

Curing Disease

Patients end their suffering with Periodontal Disease, dental decay, and the ever ending dental appointments and failing dentistry with Permanent Dental Implants. By eliminating the teeth we eliminate the disease- and now with the disease gone patients will feel better. No more tooth pain!
No more dentures

No More Dentures!

Dentures mean limitations for patients, they are a prosthesis. Patients who have dentures have lack of ability to chew food well. No more can patients eat steak, sandwiches, and eat with their hands. Every thing has to be cut. For patients facing tooth loss or who have a current denture, Permanent Dental Implants are the option to get their teeth back, and eat all foods that they desire.

All on Four Patient Review

Our patient Jay shares his experience with Dr. Damon's Teeth in a Day Procedure.

Listen to Dr. Damon describe his Teeth in a Day procedure  on the Wellness Hour

Listen to Dr. Damon describe NO MORE DENTURES on the Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez. 

Benefits of Dental Implants and Fixed Teeth with One Procedure in One Day

Reduced Costs

Since All-on-4 uses just four implants placed in a way that maximizes patients available bone with tilted implants, we are able to provide a same day - graft-less implant solution! Less hardware, fewer dental appointments, and a simple SINGLE surgery equal a cost savings when compared to other grafting and OLDER standard implant methods. 

Less Invasive

Traditionally, patients seeking a permanent implant solution, needed 3 surgeries over 16 months with hip grafts, sinus lifts, healing in a denture, and a big expensive cost over $75,000! The All on Four is a less invasive option, as most cases need only a single surgery done in 55 minutes. Less can be More! - Less hardware and less preparation also equal a shorter procedure with less downtime. Often this can be a surgery completed in less then 1 hour! Also, you only have to go to one office as we are a true implant center with the Surgery Suite, Dental Lab, and restorative dental office. 

Immediate Results

For just about all patients, our doctors under IV Sedation, can remove teeth, place 4 implants and attach a FIXED temporary bridge all in the same appointment, meaning you can leave our office with a FIXED temporary bridge in just a few hours. Eat a hamburger for dinner that night with your NEW TEETH. 

Take a look at how four implants can support YOUR NEW FIXED BRIDGE...

All-on-4 Implants Provide Lasting Results
One of the Most Studied Dental Procedures since 2000

One of our patients describes her experience with the All on Four - Teeth in a Day

Choose a leader in the market as your Implant Provider Dr. Damon lectures for Nobel Biocare and has his own Cadaver course

All on Four Cadaver CE Course
Dr. Clark Damon
As a leader in the DFW market, we were the FIRST TRUE Dental Implant Center in Fort Worth in 2013. Dr. Damon has completed hundreds and hundreds of All on Four cases over the past 7 years, since we adopted the Teeth in a Day concept. 

Dr. Damon is one of the top 10 dentists in Texas placing All on Four Dental Implants with this, Dr. Damon has gained vast experience and sees very challenging cases. Nobel Biocare has Dr. Damon lecture for their surgeons to educate other dentists on the benefits of the All on Four Treatment solution.

In addition, Dr. Damon holds his own cadaver implant course sponsored by Nobel Biocare. There are very few cadaver implant courses in the WORLD and Dr. Damon is proud to offer his to other doctors who want to expand their surgical knowledge. The course is held at the Medical Education and Training Institute of Dallas. It is a 2 day course followed by a live surgery where doctors can watch Dr. Damon perform an All on Four Case. 

Wondering if the All-on-4 will work for you?
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So how does All-on-4 work?

The All-on-4 Technique

While under IV Sedation, teeth are removed, your jaws are prepared, and Four implants are placed in the jaw: Two angled implants are placed in the back of the jaw, and two vertical implants are placed in the front. After surgery, we attach a temporary fixed bridge to the abutments and implants and 97% of patients can walk out of our office with a permanent fixed temporary bridge, great new smile, and ready to eat a hamburger for dinner THAT NIGHT!. We tilt the posterior implants to avoid the sinuses and avoid bone grafting and engage more dense bone to ensure immediate loading! 

What to Expect during Treatment


Before we begin your procedure, we will ensure you are comfortable using IV Sedation. You can rest comfortably through your New Teeth Procedure!


Once you are comfortable, Dr. Damon will perform any necessary extractions of severely decayed, loose, or damaged teeth.

Implant Placement

Dr. Damon will place two implants vertically at the front of your jaw and two implants at an angle in the back of the jaw to maximize contact with bone tissue and avoid bone grafting.

Fixed Temporary Bridge

The final step of your initial procedure is the attachment of a Non-removable Fixed Temporary Bridge that you can wear while your implants become integrated with your jaw. You can eat a hamburger the night of surgery! 97% of the time, patients leave our office with a fixed set of teeth the day of surgery ready to EAT what they WANT!

Final Restoration

In three to six months, our team can attach your permanent final implant bridge. We make ours out of zirconia so it is the longest lasting and strongest. We like to wait 3-6 months to make sure the gums have found their way to their final resting place and that the implants were successful! 

See how the Bridge attaches to implants for a secure foundation...

Sounds Good? Want to get started give us a call at 817 336 2121 to book your consultation

More of our before and afters are showcased in a short video. Also see some behind the scenes in the dental lab and surgical suite. 

Eat what you want, Regain your Teeth with All-on-4 Dental Implants

all-on-4 implantsAt Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center, with Dr. Damon, we have the tools and experience to do All-on-4 procedures in our office. We are a TRUE dental implant center in Richardson, Tx and Fort Worth, Tx. This means we combine the surgical suite, dental office, and dental lab in ONE location. With our All-on-4 procedure Dr. Damon can replace all of your failing teeth with One Procedure in One Day. You will walk out of our office with Permanent Fixed Teeth the day of surgery! We are one of the busiest implant centers in DFW area completing 3-4 cases per week. 

Benefits of All on Four Dental Implants

  • There are no diet limitations once the implants are integrated.
  • No palatal coverage
  • Increased bite force- almost what you had with teeth
  • There are typically no bone grafts involved, which is not the case with traditional implants. So the Time to Teeth is with in a few HOURS!
  • There is no removing an appliance from the mouth like dentures. The prosthesis is permanently fixed, ie. screwed down onto the implants.
  • No embarrassing slips of dentures and they last even longer.

How to start the process?

Give us a call at 817 336 2121 to schedule a consultation where you will meet our dental assistants and doctor. We will perform a 3-D CT Scan and have a complete oral exam. Our doctors will evaluate your condition and if the All on Four is right for you. 

At the initial consultation we will also go over pricing. For us to move forward, you will need impressions, a second appointment for a wax rim, and a third appointment for a viewing of your next teeth. Then we will schedule surgery. 

Dental Implants and Fixed Teeth

With One Procedure in One Day

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