Benefits of Dental Implants: Understanding the Lifelong Impact

Our Patients are Happier then Ever!

Implants are providing our patients with a new way of life. No longer do our patients have to worry about some retainer or flipper to replace a single lost tooth. We can give your lost tooth back. For our denture wearers, no longer do our patients have to worry about a lower denture slipping creating an embarrassing event.

With implants, an individual who has missing teeth can now practically eat anything. Our patients who have dental implants are confident in the way they smile. Dental implants are now more affordable then ever and we have new methods to replace a tooth faster then ever.

Dental implants were created in the early1970’s and there has been a vast amount of research on the topic, with proven, well-documented results. Current overall Dental Implant success is 98%. 

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Surgical Advancements

Dental implant surgery is constantly evolving with literature supporting many of the advancements proposed in the mid 1990’s. One of these advancements is the ability to extract all remaining teeth, place 4-6 implants, and immediately provide a screwed down temporary prosthesis immediately. This is the All on 4 protocol. There have been thousands of completed cases through out the world. In - Fact Dr. Damon has personally completed over 1,000 All on Four Cases arches as of 2020. Let alone the number of thousands of other single unit implants or "snap on" dental implants. 

Another area of advancements is the ability to place growth factors into bone grafting increasing the success of the graft taking. Some degree of bone grafting can be required in some cases. 

Immediate placement has long been a concept, however added to this step in speeding up the replacement process is the concept of Immediate provisionalization or immediate load. This is at the time of surgery placing a temporary crown so that the patient does not have to wear a flipper or a removable denture. Please note that this is not always possible due to the quality of the patients jaw bone or infection.


  • Conservation of tooth structure- If you are missing a single tooth, yes a Fixed 3 unit “bridge” may be constructed but it is at the sacrifice of adjacent tooth structure.
  • Long term success of implants is much higher than a Fixed Bridge
  • Maintain the bone in your jaw- Dentures can not preserve bone, leading to loss of ridge height, need for relines, and ultimately inability to wear a denture at all due to atrophy. Unfortunately we do see this a lot in our 85 year old denture wearers. Atrophy of the jaw will happen over time and it is worse in the lower jaw.


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With the All on 4 Protocol we are able to attach a denture to the implants- no longer requiring you to remove it from the mouth. Only your dentist can remove it. This allows also for a palate-less denture. Have you ever thought about a complete denture to be the same as a crutch? With the all on 4 we are able to give you new teeth again. It is inconvenient to remove a denture every night. Moreover, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable if your dentures happen to slip.


If you plan on having dental implants, you need a thorough oral examination plus a review of your dental and medical records. Patients who have received radiation to the jaw area, have uncontrolled diabetes, or on current chemotherapy will most likely not be a candidate for the procedure.


Implants are like teeth in the need to keep them clean on a daily basis and need for regular dental visits and professional cleanings. With appropriate care, implants can last for a lifetime. If you have an implant denture you will need to have the denture remade every 5-7 years along with simple maintenance every 6-9 months. For more information on dental implants, call our office today.

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