Trefoil Implant Concept - Fixed Teeth on 3 Implants

Permanent Dentures on 3 Implants

Nobel Biocare - the manufacturer of the most premium dental implants and the company that led to the proven All on Four - Same Day Teeth protocol, has once again chanced the Dental Implant market with the new Trefoil Implant Concept! 

Dr. Damon is proud to be one of the very first Trefoil Implant Providers in Dallas and Fort Worth. 

Trefoil Implant
Fixed Acrylic Prosthesis on 3 Implants provides patients a more cost effective solution over the All on Four. 

Permanent Implants for the Lower Jaw only

For Dallas or Fort Worth area patients looking for Dental Implant restorations - The Trefoil Implant Concept utilizes a analog guide system and a prefabricated titanium bar. Under IV Sedation, we are able to remove teeth, place 3 implants, and begin impressions and jaw relation records all at ONE surgery. This concept is only for the lower jaw. If patients are needing tooth replacement for the upper jaw (maxilla) then they have either an upper denture or upper All on Four as their options. The Trefoil is a lower cost alternative to the All on Four. 

Who is a candidate?

As stated above, Trefoil is a treatment for the lower jaw only. Candidates for this procedure must have a jaw structure that can fit a pre determined implant position. Patients with V shaped jaws, narrow jaw bone, or other challenging anatomical structures might not be a candidate for Trefoil, but would be a candidate for the All on Four. How do we determine if you are a candidate? A consultation in either our Dallas office or Fort Worth office is needed and a 3-D CT Scan. Please note, the protocol right now is for partially edentulous patients or edentulous patients - that is patients missing all of their teeth or most of their teeth. If you have an entire lower jaw of teeth you will be a candidate for the All on Four. 

Benefits of Trefoil?

Compared with the All on Four - cost reduction is the main benefit with Trefoil compared to the All on Four. How is this accomplished? 3 implants vs 4 or more, a prefabricated bar, an acrylic titanium prosthesis, and less appointments to finalize. Please note, patients who can afford the All on Four should do so as the Trefoil concept is aimed to replacing Snap on Dentures. The All on Four method gives Dr. Damon the most flexibility from a surgical stand point, gives patients the best looking and strongest teeth. 

Compared with Snap on Dentures the Trefoil Implant Concept provides superior stability and high bite force (as much as the All on Four), added security since the prosthesis is screwed down to the implants, and Time to Teeth is much faster. You can have your permanent fixed teeth with in a few days surgery! Replacing snap on dentures is the main goal of the Trefoil Concept. 

What is the cost savings with Trefoil?

Trefoil can save patients 7,000 - 12,500 dollars! This brings the pricing for permanent dental implants on the lower jaw close to the price for Snap on Dental Implants. 

What is the process?

The Trefoil Implant process starts with an initial consultation and CT Scan at either of Dr. Damon's DFW offices in Fort Worth and Dallas. Once we know you are a candidate, we will discuss your goals and go over treatment fees. We need to take impressions, perform jaw relation records, and then a third appointment for a viewing. We like patients to look at the teeth prior to surgery so they are more involved in the process. Once we have your new lower teeth made, we then move into surgery. Surgery is done under IV Sedation - here we remove any teeth if necessary, place the implants, perform the impressions and jaw relation records, and you will leave our office with a set of lower loose dentures for you to wear for 1 week while we fabricate the Trefoil. You will come for your 1 week post op appointment and we will then deliver your final trefoil prosthesis! 

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