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Regain your life, starting with regaining your smile!

Your smile says a lot about you, and it is one of the first things people see when they meet you. Teeth are something you can not live with out, and poorly fitting teeth as with dentures, are just about as bad as no teeth. For patients facing chronic dental pain, chronic dental problems, missing teeth, loose teeth, failing teeth, or just bad teeth, the All on Four Permanent Dental Implant may just be the solution for you.  

Same Day Immediate Teeth A recent upper and lower All on Four case completed by Dr. Damon. Photos were taken same day, 4 hours apart. 

Upper and Lower jaw All on Four Dental Implant
Here is an example of a before and after. Our Richardson, TX area patient had only 6 upper teeth left, they were all loose and failing. Dr. Damon placed 4 implants in each jaw under IV Sedation the same time we extracted the teeth. New teeth were then fabricated and attached to the implants. She walked out with a permanent set of fixed NEW teeth in one procedure in one day! 

So what is the All on Four?

Simply put, the All on Four is a graft-less, same day implant solution where teeth are removed, 4 implants are placed, and a same day fixed bridge is delivered. 

Who would need the All on Four?

Patients who have healthy teeth do not need the All on Four. If you are missing one or two teeth you do not need the All on Four. The All on Four is reserved for patients with "terminal" dentitions. This is a broad term, however it encompasses patients who's natural teeth have reached the end of their life. Examples: multiple missing teeth requiring 4 or more dental implants to rebuild, patients who have multiple failing root canals, severe tooth decay that is generalized, and patients who have severe periodontal disease, loose teeth, or major recession. Denture patients also are great All on Four candidates - they have false teeth but limited function ability, with permanent fixed teeth they can regain their teeth again! 

Benefits of the All on Four?

There is usually no (or little) bone grafting needed and it replaced the old treatment of bilateral sinus graft with 8 implants. This is a major advancement with out the All on Four, as in the "old days" patients would need bilateral sinus lifts, anterior iliac hip grafting harvest, and a 5 day hospital stay. In addition, these patients would not receive their FIXED teeth for 18 months. Also, the cost of the All on Four is much cheaper, patients with the old style of dental implants would incur a cost of well over 100K for the 18 month long treatment. 

So, the All on Four is graft less, allows for same day dental implant placement - ie. teeth out and implants in. 97% of the time, we are then able to load the dental implants that day with a permanent fixed bridge. Patients time to teeth is literally a few hours typically. 

Am I a candiate for the All on Four?

Dr. Damon is able to perform multiple types of All on Four treatment ie - All on Four Standard, All on Four Hybrid, and All on Four Quad Zygoma. The type of All on Four we can provide is determined by the amount of bone you have. Generally speaking 85% of patients are All on Four Standard candidates with is the most traditional and easiest All on Four placement. For patients with more advanced bone loss, Zygomatic dental implants may need to be incorporated so that we can anchor the implant if you have severe posterior bone resorption. We have very advanced techniques, so vertically NO patient is ever turned away. Your candidacy is determined at a consultation where we take a CBCT scan of your jaws and then vertically place your dental implants. 

What is the process?

After your consultation and X-ray, we need to fabricate your dental restorations for the day of surgery. All patients need dental impressions, some may need a second dental visit to take a wax rim, and a third for a viewing of your soon to be new teeth in wax. We want to make sure you will like the shade and tooth size we have selected for your prior to surgery. Once we complete the restorative steps needed for surgery, we will get you scheduled for surgery. At surgery, we will put you under IV Sedation and you will sleep comfortably through surgery. The implants will be placed then and 97% of the time, you will walk out with permanent fixed teeth. After surgery, you will then heal for 6 months during which the implants will integrate into the bone, your gums will settle in, and you enjoy life! After 6 months, we will start the finalization phase where we will make your final teeth. Why wait? Sure another provider in DFW gives you the final set of teeth 2 days after surgery, but what about failed implants? what about gums settling down? what about if you need to make changes in the overall esthetics? These are all items of which eating 6 months is best practice! To us, you have your fixed teeth the day of surgery so why rush? 

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