IV Sedation: Ultimate Relaxation During Your Visit to the Dentist's Office

IV sedation is a highly effective, highly controllable form of sedation used in dentistry treatments. Dr. Clark Damon at Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center is able to administer IV sedation personally at our Dallas and Fort Worth offices, a unique offering that saves our patients time and money. This medication is excellent for sufferers of dental phobia or fear, or those patients undergoing a complicated or lengthy surgical treatment.

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We can help you achieve deep, highly controlled sedation during dental treatment.

Compared to oral sedation and other options, IV sedation is more predictable and can be administered in a precise dosage that is appropriate for each patient's weight, age, size, and other health specifics. IV medication is administered directly to the bloodstream for fast, effective results. Dr. Damon carefully titrates the liquid medication, releasing the exact amount of medication needed to relax patients to the point of being unaware of their procedure, in a near-sleep state.

How Does IV Sedation Affect Patients?

Patients usually remember little or nothing about the procedures performed during their sedated state. Most patients feel as though they were asleep. This is partly because most people become deeply relaxed in response to IV sedation, but it’s also because loss of memory is a side effect during sedation (these effects do not continue after the IV ceases to be administered). Although patients may  feel that they were unconscious during treatment, they are in fact still be able to respond to requests from our staff during the procedure.

How Do You Administer IV Sedation?

IV sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream via a narrow plastic tube. The tube is inserted  in an easily accessible vein close to the skin on the back of the hand, or in the bend of your arm. During the procedure, the tube will stay in place as the drug is administered according to your individual needs. The process of placing the IV is painless and worry-free under the care of our practiced team, although we can also apply a topical cream to number the insertion area should a patient desire it. 

Because IV sedation does not numb the site at which Dr. Damon is working in a patient's mouth, he or she will usually also be given a local anesthesia or injection. This is usually done after the patient receives IV sedation and is already fully relaxed.

During Your Procedure

During your dental procedure, our team will track your oxygen levels and pulse using a pulse oximeter that clips onto your finger. Once a procedure is complete, Dr. Damon administers a reversal medication that slowly, safely brings a patient out of their sedated state. A patient may feel groggy and will likely seem a little disoriented for a few minutes. While the patient recovers, he or his or her blood pressure levels will be monitored at five-minute intervals to ensure safety. Patients should plan on having a ride home from their outpatient procedures, as operating a vehicle is not recommended for several hours. 

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If you suffer from dental phobia or fear or are going to undergo dental surgery and are considering sedation, IV sedation is an excellent, safe choice. For more information on this and other sedative techniques offered by Texas Denture Clinic, contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Damon.

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