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Get Your Smile Back With Restorative Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is focused on renewing your smile. It’s about bringing back your youth, your glow, happiness, and confidence. We know it can be overwhelming considering restorative dentistry, but it is also very exciting, and we are here to answer all your questions.

A Smile Can Change Everything

Restorative Dentistry in Fort Worth

Having a bright and beautiful smile improves your self-esteem and the quality of your life. A full and healthy smile means never hiding your laugh again, it means eating more of the foods you like, and it means simply smiling more. Here at Texas Implant & Dental Center of Fort Worth, we offer a wide variety of restorative dentistry services so that you can achieve all of those things. 

Crafting Beautiful Smiles

Exceptional Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Dental Implants in Fort Worth

Dental implants are small titanium posts surgically embedded into the jawbone. They have revolutionized the world of restorative dentistry. The result is a stable, permanent foundation for a restoration.

Dentures in Fort Worth

If you have lost all or most of your teeth, you are likely a good candidate for dentures or partial dentures. We offer a variety of denture options that are customized to meet each patient’s unique restorative and cosmetic needs. We work closely with you to find your best fit.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Fort Worth

Many of our patients have multiple restorative dentistry needs that a single treatment solely cannot resolve. A full mouth reconstruction consists of a comprehensive treatment plan that combines any number of our cosmetic services. This treatment plan is customized to meet your unique restorative needs.

Bone Grafting in Fort Worth

Lack of teeth causes jawbone atrophy over time; therefore, some patients require a bone graft before the placement of an implant. Bone grafting is the process of augmenting a patient’s jaw using supplemental bone tissue. Grafts can consist of the patient’s tissue or donated bone.

Root Canal Therapy in Fort Worth

Root canal therapy is a staple restorative dental treatment. Dr. Clark Damon has been performing root canals for many years. Root canal therapy entails the removal of the pulp within a tooth following advanced decay. Often this therapy is done to remove or prevent infection and further decay and tooth loss.

Laser Dentistry in Fort Worth

The Texas Implant & Dental Center of Fort Worth utilizes cutting-edge technologies for treatments like laser dentistry. These technologies help us to improve the quality of care. Special lasers have many uses that can help you improve the health and appearance of your smile. Dental lasers can treat gums, enamel, and dentin.

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Fort Worth

Dental crowns and bridges are implemented to strengthen and restore unhealthy or missing teeth. Crowns, also known as caps, cover a damaged or weakened tooth down to the gum line. Bridges help to close the gap left by a missing tooth. They are anchored to adjacent crowns or dental implants.

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Dr. Damon’s vast experience in specialized dentistry & his impressionable chairside manner has given him an excellent reputation, and he is trusted by many in the Fort Worth area.

As a specialized implant center, our experts can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. However, we offer a wide variety of dental services to cater to you and your family’s every dental need. In addition, our unique approach to patient care has allowed us to form lasting relationships for years to come. Call us today to schedule.

Bone Grafting

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Modern Dental Restorations

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Laser Dentistry

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Root Canals

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