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Do you prefer to sleep through dental procedures?

Sedation Dentistry

What is an Anesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors specializing in anesthesia care, pain management, and critical care medicine. They have extensive knowledge of the human body and are trained to ensure patient safety and comfort during medical procedures.

Dental anxiety can lead to neglected oral health and severe conditions. Our Fort Worth, TX dental office offers sedation dentistry to help patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable during their dental visits.

Putting Patients First

Sedation Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Our top priority is our patient’s health. Prioritizing our patients’ health means doing our best to eliminate dental anxiety to ensure our patients are regularly seeing us. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you come to visit us for treatment which is why we offer various types of sedation dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Academy of General Dentistry states that dental anxiety is a common occurrence – that 40 million Americans have this phobia. Dental phobia keeps you from going to the dentist and getting the procedures you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy. 

Generally, sedation dentistry utilizes medications or N20/ ‘Laughing Gas’ to relax you during your dentist visit. These sedatives put you in a relaxed mood, so you are better able to tolerate dental work. 

There are different types of sedation and different levels, but all of them make you calmer and your dentist’s visit more pleasant. Depending on your level of fear and your needs, Doctors Damon and Whittington will choose the suitable sedation method for you.

Why Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

If you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, then you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry provides comfort and efficiency and ensures you can get the dental treatment that you need in a relaxed manner.

Greater Comfort

Sedation dentistry allows you to undergo your procedure without pain or stress. You can sit back and relax in the dentist’s chair while your doctor performs your treatment.

A Better Relationship with the Dentist

Our doctors at Texas Implant & Dental Center of Fort Worth can use sedation to help you feel better about your visits and reduce your anxiety about future appointments. This helps ensure your oral health and longevity. 

Faster Treatment

When you are under sedation, your dentist is able to work more efficiently and perform more work in a shorter amount of time. For many patients, this means more extensive results in fewer appointments, saving you time and money.

What Are The Different Types of Sedation?

Visiting the dentist can seem scary, but there are ways to help relax you when you are at the dentist. Unlike many other dental practices, we offer a range of sedation dentistry options in Fort Worth to help patients avoid the panic that some feel regarding dental procedures. We want to help you get the smile you want without the stress. We, along with our patients, elect IV Sedation 85% of the time, but we offer other types of sedation, including the following:

You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry if:

If you feel that any of the above describes you, you are a perfect candidate to consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry will relieve your nerves and let you finally get the dental work you need for a healthy and beautiful smile – anxiety-free.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

If you feel very nervous, anxious, or have fear and a negative association with dental treatment, sedation dentistry may be a good option for you. Dr. Damon and Dr. Whittington have actual hospital training, unlike many others in their industry, so you can have confidence you are in the right hands for sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry in Fort Worth is an incredible option if you are worried about going to the dentist and want to ensure your mouth is healthy. 

Additional Information

Types of Sedation Dentistry We Offer

IV Sedation 

IV sedation is our most common method for sedation purposes. We use this 85% of the time or more. With a direct line in, we can give multiple mediations and tailor the dose to your specific needs. IV Sedation has the highest rate of success and patient satisfaction. 

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas is a sedative that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a face mask. It helps the patient achieve a relaxed state. It is completely reversible, meaning in most cases, you can drive home afterward. Laughing gas sedation is a mild relaxant, typically given for dental hygiene appointments or cosmetic dentistry.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves taking a pill to achieve relaxation during treatment. You will take medicine about an hour before your treatment, and together with laughing gas, you will feel more relaxed. Patients are very lightly sedated and more awake than with IV Sedation. We reserve this for limited use. 

Choosing Sedation Dentistry in Fort Worth

If you suffer from dental phobia or fear or are going to undergo dental surgery, sedation is an excellent, safe choice. Contact us at (817) 336 – 2121 for a consultation to see how sedation dentistry can help you.

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