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IV Sedation Dentistry

Relaxed Visits To The Dentist With IV Sedation Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

IV sedation is our most commonly selected sedation method. We use it 85% of the time. We can give multiple mediations and tailor the dose to your specific requirements with the direct line in. We have found that IV Sedation has the highest rate of success and patient satisfaction. 

Ultimate Relaxation During Your Visit With IV Sedation Dentistry in Fort Worth

Many patients regard going to the dentist as anxiety-provoking, which is one of the many reasons they put off dental treatment, especially treatment that requires surgery.

With IV Sedation, Dr. Damon and Dr. Mohr can eliminate the reality of the dental procedure from your perception, allowing you to feel relaxed, have anxiety relief, not remember anything about your procedure. 

An IV simply allows a direct line for Dr. Damon to administer your medications in a highly controllable way. It allows for “titration” of your medication dose to your particular needs and your particular physiology. Oral sedation is not as predictable and cannot be “titrated.” In fact, many patients specifically ask for IV sedation because oral sedation did not work for them.


Frequently Asked Questions About IV Sedation (FAQ)

How Does IV Sedation Affect Patients?

Patients usually remember little or nothing about the procedures conducted during their sedated state. The majority of patients feel as though they were asleep. This is partly because people become deeply relaxed in response to IV sedation and partly because the loss of memory (while being sedated) is a side effect (these effects do not continue after the IV ceases to administration). Although patients may feel that they were unconscious during treatment, they are, in fact, still able to respond to requests from our staff during the procedure.


How Do You Administer IV Sedation?

IV sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream via an IV line into a catheter placed into a vein. During the procedure, the tube will stay in place as the drug is administered according to your individual needs.

Because IV sedation does not numb the site at which Dr. Damon is working in a patient’s mouth, they will usually also be given a local anesthesia or injection. This is usually done after the patient receives IV sedation and is already fully relaxed.


During Your Procedure

While you are under IV sedation, our team will track your oxygen levels and pulse using a pulse oximeter that clips onto your finger during your dental procedure. We also monitor respiration, blood pressure, and end-tidal CO2. 

Afterward, the patient may feel groggy and will likely seem a little disoriented for a few minutes. As the patient recovers, their blood pressure levels will be monitored at five-minute intervals to ensure safety. It is important to note that patients should plan on having someone to drive them home from their outpatient procedure, as operating a vehicle is not recommended for 24 hours. 


Choosing Sedation Dentistry in Fort Worth

If you have any more questions about IV sedation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. We look forward to making your dental experience one of comfort and relaxation. Call us today.