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Immediate Dentures

Restore Your Smile With Immediate Dentures in Fort Worth, TX

Immediate dentures are when a patient’s first set of dentures are placed immediately after the teeth are extracted. These dentures help patients obtain a great smile, get rid of failing teeth, and have dentures placed all in one procedure.


Immediate Dentures in Fort Worth

Immediate dentures are an attractive solution for patients who are interested in a prosthesis but require tooth extraction. When the teeth are extracted, the denture will be placed immediately instead of after a long waiting period. No one wants to wear a temporary smile, which is why the immediate denture is such a good option.


Frequently Asked Questions About Immediate Dentures (FAQ)

How Do I Know If Immediate Dentures Are Right for Me?

Some of the signs or symptoms that you might need an immediate denture include:

  • Many loose teeth
  • Severe Bad breath
  • Multiple broken teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth.
  • Multiple failing teeth

How Do Immediate Dentures Work?

Immediate Dentures are a solution for patients who have unrestorable teeth due to chronic periodontal disease or tooth decay. This is the first step into getting into dentures. First, the teeth must be pulled, and dentures are given immediately after. Many years ago, patients would have their teeth pulled and left to heal without any dentures for 4-6 months! Today things have changed, and Immediate Dentures are the standard to give to patients after teeth are pulled. 

With all of our immediate dentures, we include three sets of soft liners. We will place the soft liners about every month to accommodate where the tissue rests after surgery, and we will perform adjustments as needed. This way, you have a good fit during the healing process. Many other offices do not do this, and soft liners are an essential step in having a denture that fits adequately during the healing process.

What Are the Benefits Of Immediate Dentures?

Immediate Dentures offer patients many benefits:

  • Immediate Insertion – when the teeth are removed, the dentures are placed immediately. They also serve as a bandage to help apply pressure to the surgical site to help stop the bleeding. 
  • Immediate Results – You never have to go without teeth. An immediate denture gives you a fantastic quick smile makeover. 
  • Affordable – dentures are more affordable when compared to permanent dental implants.


How Does the Process Work?

The first step is the consultation and x-ray. Our office is located in Fort Worth, TX, and we serve patients in the entire Texas Panhandle and beyond. Dr. Gordon Clark Damon or Dr. Diana Mohr will evaluate your teeth, determine the need for the treatment, and discuss expectations and options. All patients seeking immediate dentures are educated on what to expect, as well as options when it comes to dental implants.

After the consultation, Alginate impressions are then made. This is to capture the mold of your teeth and jaws so our laboratory technicians can create your dentures. Many patients will need a second appointment called a “Wax Rim appointment” so we can mount the case appropriately.

The last appointment before surgery is the wax viewing or wax try-in – here, you will get to either try in or view the teeth prior to surgery. The teeth are set in wax, so you can modify them if you wish. The viewing is important, so you get more comfortable with our office, you get to see your teeth, and make any changes if desired.

The immediate dentures are delivered during surgery when the teeth are removed. 99% of the time, surgery is under IV Sedation. IV sedation allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed in knowing you won’t remember or feel anything during the procedure. This is good for not only the patient but for the specialist. We will place soft liners in your new immediate dentures at the time of surgery, along with sutures.


What Can I Expect After Immediate Dentures Are Placed?

Simply put – there is some getting used to your new dentures. The first few weeks are not easy. During the first 24 hours- leave them in the whole time. They will be loose; you will have to bite down to re-seal the dentures if they fall out. During the first week, as the swelling goes down, the dentures will sit lower and may become uncomfortable. We will see you for your post-op appointments, and there will make any adjustments needed and place another new soft liner.


What Are Soft Liners?

In my opinion, soft liners are very crucial to the new denture wearer. Many places don’t do them. They are an easy way to provide a decent fit while patients are healing, and they are soft (kind of) so that they are more tolerable to wear for a new denture wearer. Soft liners last for 45 days, and you will need to make an appointment to get them changed out. Typically patients are in soft liners for 4 – 6 months, when we will perform your final re-bases.


What Is A Rebase?

Our preference to finalize your dentures is for a rebase! This is a 24-hour process where the old pink acrylic is removed, leaving the denture teeth in place; we then process heat-cured acrylic. This way, you don’t have to buy another denture. We use the set you already have purchased, and the denture is a strong, long-lasting one.


What Is the Cost of Immediate Dentures?

At Texas Implant & Dental Center of Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care and fully customized dentures that can restore your bite and your confidence in your smile. 

Each patient’s dentures and restorative treatment plan is unique, meaning cost varies on a case-by-case basis. Some patients might need a simple replacement, some may need teeth removed, and some may need dental implants. 

Our immediate dentures start at $895 an arch, and they do not include extractions or other items needed. Dr. Clark Damon and Dr. Diana Mohr can help you understand your options and the cost of dentures when you visit our dental implant office in Fort Worth. 

Luckily, we do have an in-house lab, where we can fabricate your prosthesis reasonably quickly, but we make them the traditional way, which requires four steps: 

  1. Impressions, 
  2. Wax Rims, 
  3. Wax Try in, 
  4. and Delivery. 

Having an in-house lab assures you get the best product, and you get to approve the wax set up. You are in control of the process. We offer outstanding dentures and will work with you to place the cost of your dentures comfortably within your budget.


Start Your Journey To A New Smile Today With Immediate Dentures in Fort Worth

If you are a current denture wearer or considering immediate dentures, come by and have a consultation with Dr. Damon or Dr. Mohr at the Texas Implant & Dental Center of Fort Worth or Dallas. We focus on serving the needs of denture wearers in the Amarillo and Dallas areas with two offices. We get it right the first time and have honest pricing.