Secure Full-Mouth Restoration with All-on-Four Dental Implants

Permanent Teeth - Same Day - One Office - One Doctor

Patients often comment, “You cant possibly to get teeth in one day” — We respond YES IT IS! This is common response I get, but on a daily basis we are able to offer patients Permanent Teeth with one procedure in one day. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients with the successful and proven All on Four Protocol. Yes, there are several steps ahead of time to get your teeth made to your linking, you will wear a temporary fixed prosthesis for 6 months, and a final prosthesis will be made after the gums heal.

We Have The Solution - All-On-Four

At Texas Denture Clinic and Implant Center, we have the tools and experience to do All-on-4® procedures in our office if you are missing an entire arch. Our All-on-4® procedure will replace all of the teeth in that arch. It is a excellent choice if your mandible cannot support other methods that require a vast deal of bone. This procedure is meant to be permanent.

When you first come in, ask us about our All-on-4® procedure and Dr. Damon will do a full check-up on your mouth to see if it will support this type of solution. A through in-depth consultation with answer all of your questions regarding the procedure.


What is the All-On-Four

  • Four or more implants placed in the jaws at the time of tooth extractions
  • Done under IV Sedation
  • Placement of a Permanent Fixed Prosthesis (temporary) – provided correct torque is achieved
  • Non-Removable Teeth
  • Palate-less
  • Screw Retained
  • Made out of Acrylic/Titanium or Zirconia

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All on Four is a concept where in one procedure, bad teeth can be removed, four dental implants can be placed, and then a fixed – non removable – temporary prosthesis is created to immediately replace teeth. Our patients walk out with a fixed new smile after the procedure. There is no bone grafting involved so it is a one surgery one step procedure.

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Why All-On-Four?

All-On-Four (All-on-4®) beats other solutions for permanent tooth loss in several ways.

Benefits of All-On-Four Dental Implants

  • There are no diet limitations once the implants are integrated.
  • No palatal coverage
  • Increased bite force- almost what you had with teeth
  • There are typically no bone grafts involved, which is not the case with traditional implants.
  • There is no removing from the mouth. The prosthesis is permanently fixed, ie. screwed down onto the implants.
  • No embarrassing slips of dentures and they last even longer.

All-On-Four Technique

For the All-on-4® method to work, a minimum of four implants must be put into place. Two are placed in the back at an angle so the bone does not have to be grafted or sinus lifted.

The implants are placed the same day the teeth are pulled, and the denture is placed immediately and secured to implants. This is done all in one day. Therefore, you will walk out with the teeth in. If you had the more commonly used method of dental implants, you would be looking at several months’ worth of surgeries and fittings. The best part is that your teeth will behave precisely as natural teeth.

Interested In Our All-On-Four Dentistry?

If you are interested in our All-On-Four (All-on-4®) procedure feel free to contact Texas Denture Clinic today for a consultation. Contact us today using our online form or call our Dallas office at (972) 457 – 3097 or our Fort Worth Office at  (817) 756-7047 to schedule an appointment.